A good idea for a kitchen countertop

A good idea for a kitchen countertop

The kitchen area is one of the most important in our home. Although it does not occupy a large part of the entire home, much more attention is often paid to its design. The main characteristics that must be achieved in the design of the kitchen are: functionality, aesthetics, durability, easy maintenance and optimal price.

The kitchen countertop is its busiest component, which makes it one of the least compromised things. It is exposed to hot dishes, spills and shocks on a daily basis. Therefore, it must be waterproof, heat-resistant, while not losing its visual qualities that give beauty and comfort.

Choosing a countertop is a difficult decision, as the market offers a wide range of materials, each of which has different visual and technical characteristics.

One of the most popular preferences is the hotplate. It is made of high density chipboard with melamine coating. It is mainly preferred because of its low price. It is easy to clean and offers a variety of color solutions. Its main disadvantages, however, are that it is prone to easy scratching, as well as its low heat resistance and damage after contact with hot objects.

Another option is wooden countertops. They are made of solid wood or glued pieces. From an aesthetic point of view, it cannot compete with anything else if the desired result is a feeling of real wood. Unfortunately, its benefits are limited to this. Its price is high, it is difficult to maintain and it is not resistant to high temperatures or long wetting. Its colors are also limited, as it is made of natural material.

Natural stone countertops are also a popular solution. Here the beauty of the natural material is also an advantage and unlike wooden, this type of countertops offer more color variety. However, their maintenance requires a little more attention. It is resistant to scratches, but not to high temperatures. Despite their seemingly smooth surface, natural stone countertops are porous, and not suitable for spilling liquids such as vinegar and wine.

An alternative to natural stone countertops are technical stone countertops. They combine: An abundance of colors, decors and finishes; A vision that is very close to real stones; Withstand heat and spills; They are easy to maintain. They are produced in large sizes, which gives flexibility in the design of the kitchen. However, their main disadvantage is their significantly higher price, which often makes them an unwelcome choice.

There is also a not very popular, but rational option that meets all the above criteria – granite countertops. The combination of the following qualities makes granite countertops the optimal solution for the kitchen:

Extremely many customization options: The widest range of colors and decors (wood, stone, concrete, mosaic, decorative patterns and much more); Possibility for matt, glossy, semi-gloss or other type of finish; Different types of edge treatments, which achieve different visual effects – from very thin to very thick top.
The tiles are produced in huge sizes, which allows large areas without joints between them.
They are extremely easy to maintain: They are high-strength; They are scratch resistant; They have zero water permeability – all kinds of liquids can be spilled on them; They have extremely high heat resistance.
Last but not least – despite their combination of advantages over other types of kitchen countertops – their price is competitive.

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